I’m Oskar Hougaard Jefsen.
I live in Aarhus, Denmark.
I study medicine Aarhus University.
This is my email. oskar.jefsen@clin.au.dk
This is my Twitter. @oskarjefsen
This is my ORCiD. 0000-0002-5831-5158
This is my page on Aarhus University (PURE).
This is my page on Google Scholar.

This is what I did for my Pregraduate Research Year at Translational Neuropsychiatry Unit (TNU), working with psilocybin. Acta Neuropsychiatrica (2019). Journal of Psychopharmacology (2020).

This is what I’ve been doing on the side. Translational Psychiatry (2019). Schizophrenia Bulletin (2020).

This is what I do when pandemics strike. Acta Neuropsychiatrica (2020). Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry (2020). Acta Psychiatrica Scandinavica (2020).

I’m also a music teacher, a choir leader, a singer, and a musician.